SARS-Covid19 Therapy

This new therapy is based on the interaction of a chemical agent, light and oxygen. The substance, called photosensitizer, a kind of catalyst, is excited by light. The energy is transferred to oxygen, which excited to a higher energy level, it`s singlet state. In this condition oxygen is transformed to a reactive species, which interacts and reacts with circumjacent molecules. If the amount of reactive is high enough, cells can be harmed and destroyed. Because of a selective enrichment of the drug in tissue, this photochemical process can be used for a highly selective viral, bacterial, parasite treatment that can be illuminated with laser light.

This "Photodynamic Therapy" (PDT) called treatment is known for years to be mild to healthy tissue; with Chlorin e6 a new dimension of efficient and minimal invasive treatment is reached. In comparison to other photosensitizers or standard treatments Chlorin e6 has a low side effects and is non toxic.

Another advantage of the drug is its fluorescence. After the enrichment, the enriched area can be illuminated with blue light. The excitation results in a flourescenc, which can be used for diagnosis (PDD). The fluoreescence, makes even certain assamblies cells, visible for the eye of the physican. Measuring the signal spectroscopically makes a dosimetry and an enhancement of the efficacy possible, It has been a water -soluble, highly photo reactive drug provides a numer of technical instruments for a patient friendly and individualized therapy.

The first worldwide GLP-conform studies wwith Clorin e6 in the preclinical phase of the pharmaceutical development is performed with promising and encouraging results in toxicology and efficiency.

Currently clinical study plans for several oncological applications are arranged.
I myself in basic research teams around the world.

Bacterium, virus, vermin, cosmetics

Mode of Action

Chlorin e6 is the active pharmaceutical ingredient , Chlorin e6 is a so called Photosensitizer which is enriched selectively tissue.

Three hours after intravenous application the highest concentration in tumor tissue is reached .The molecule can be exited by blue light forfluorescence detection or with red light for the induction of photoreactions. Exciting the molecule oxygen, which is exited to his highly reactive singulet state. This oxygen soecies reacts with molecules of the compartments,membranes and organelles of the cells with SARS-Covid 19 virus. Reaching the well-kown threshold for cell destruction, this process leads to apoptosis or necrosis (dose depending) of the target within24 hours.

Depending on the treatment side and the dimension of the lesions, the necrotic material is decomposed in the normal process of healing,inMost cases without scarring within a few weeks or months. The photosensitizer is excreted over the hepatobilary pathway and 24 to 48 hours After the application of the photosensitizer the amount of Chlorin e6 in skin and Plasma is below the detection limit.

Chlorin e6 can also be applicated as a liquid, spray or gel

1. For prophylaxis - spray in the wide open mouth

2. Spray and gel in mouth and throat

3. i.v. injection depending on metabolic state of the cells, for lungh and throat

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